Personalize your wall decor.

Print pictures and flowers and album covers ...oh my!  This elegant gallery frame with oversize matting will make all your prints look professional.

  • Display 1 & Store 8 1/2 x11 printer page
  • Front-opening photo cabinet with latch
  • Ultra thin profile (just over 1 inch thick)
  • Single bevel cut acid-free mat with 8x8 display area
  • Securely mount to the wall (hardware included)
  • Easily rotate the from landscape to portrait without moving the frame! 
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    Last week your sister gave birth to her first child and emailed you a picture (Way cute!)...ten seconds later you Print-N-Frame™ it.

    Yesterday at the park, you took some pictures of your boy doing his razz ma tazz soccer move.  You get home, pick the best one...ten seconds later you Print-N-Frame™ it.

    Today you searched the internet and found a picture of the most gorgeous rose garden you have ever seen...ten seconds later you Print-N-Frame™ it.

    Who knows what tomorrow will bring.  Life's an adventure!  There will always be something new.  With the convenience and storage capacity for 50 pages, Print-N-Frame™ will be there to keep pace with your life.

    N-Frame™ Frame Picture Mat     Table Shipping
    Model Dimensions Size Opening Display Store Stand Weight
    DPNF-85118 17x17 8.5 x 11 7.5x7.5 1 50 no 8 lbs
    DSNF-1212 17x17 12x12 11.5x11.5 1 50 no 8 lbs
    Display Cabinet, Hanging Hardware, Hanging Template