Dynamic Ideas

dynamicFRAMES® will bring out your creative spirit.

Finally, a frame that let's you change the contents as quickly as you can print a digital photo, receive a child's artwork, write a beautiful poem, earn a certificate, stitch needlepoint, make an ink hand or footprint, design a scrapbook page, or nab the perfect poster!

Look through our ideas section and see what others have done. You'll be surprised and motivated by how creatively individuals, businesses, and schools have integrated our frames in their decor... and in their everyday lives.

Whether you are just getting started or you are one of our "power users," send us your ideas. If it gets published on our website, you will receive a coupon for 15% off on your next order.

Welcome to a whole new world of photo and art possibilities.


Dynamic Gifts

Give a Personalized Gift

It’s easy. Just open the frame and load it with photos or artwork. Simple, personal, useful, and from the heart, dynamicFRAMES® are gifts that keep on giving. Provide photos or artwork with the initial gift, then periodically send the recipient new photos or drawings without worrying about where they'll store them! Each frame holds up to 50 prints, so there's no need to skimp on sending the newest candid photo or heartwarming drawing.

Kids' birthday art basket

Face it, most of us are stumped about what to give children for birthday gifts. We know that most kids don't need yet another toy, and their parents don't necessarily want to add to the home clutter! Problem solved. Get one of our Li'l Davinci® art frames, and pair it with the correct size paper and age-appropriate art supplies. The birthday child will be excited to have a creative outlet, and the parents will be thrilled to have a frame that reduces the refrigerator clutter while allowing them to create a time capsule of up to 50 of their child's precious masterpieces!

Thanks Coach

Why not give something more meaningful than a Sports Store gift card? Whether it is flag football, soccer, baseball, hockey or basketball, at the end of the season we really want to show our appreciation to the coaches who made the time to work with our budding athletes.

Our Photo frames make a great thank you gift, particularly if you fill them with photos of the season's best moments.

You'll score some big points... guaranteed!

Living Walls

Be inspired! Become an art curator of sorts, and turn your favorite room into a rotating gallery of favorite photos and meaningful artwork. Best of all: you have a place to display and store the latest candid shots, and your guests get to see something new each time they visit!

Although you will take plenty of your own photos, you will also receive professional school and sports photos on a regular basis. If you used a single Dynamic Duo dynamicFRAMES® and added one picture every four months, it would take 8 years to fill.

When designing your Living Wall Gallery consider combining our Li'l Davinci® art frames with our photo frames, as well as adding your favorite traditional frames. It will add interest to your arrangement.

Look through the photos of various arrangements in our product pages. They might give you some fun design and layout ideas!

Once your gallery is hung, you'll start using it to mark family milestones, as well as change with the seasons.

Our frames grow with you child, so if you create a gallery in your child's room, it will evolve as they grow. You'll watch the frames progress from finger painting, to drawing, to sports photos, to school certificates of merit, to sports photos, to teen-year fun moments. A living wall indeed!

Business Ads

Is It a Cake or a Work of Art?

Beautifully decorated cakes look so good, it's a shame they get eaten before everyone can see them! One local bakery takes pictures of their yummy creations to show new customers, and to decorate their walls. dynamicFRAMES® are so convenient that the pictures can change on a regular basis without any hassle. It’s a great way to advertise.

Best Foot Forward!

When a new client walks into your business, you have to earn their confidence and trust.

Create a professional, high-end, matching display of clients, awards, special prices or services, and fine art prints.

dynamicFRAMES® make it easy to update and evolve your display, whether you're a hair salon, business consultant, or medical office.


Kindergarten Kids Rock!

Leave it to the new kids on the block to make my day.

Visit our facebook page to see how the many schools across the country utilize our frames! One elementary school purchased 28 Li'l Davinci® 8 1/2 x 11 Art Cabinets and hung them in the hallway for all to see. The artwork changed often and it gave the kids a real sense of pride. The staff commented frequently that the new art made my day, and the children loved seeing their artistic efforts displayed and valued.

Other schools, Elementary through High School, create art galleries of various frame sizes to showcase their students work and display motivational posters. The possibilities are endless, and the results are stunning.

Student of the Month

Kids thrive on accomplishment and recognition.

One grade school set up a student of the month program. Another set up photos of the seasonal athletic teams. Now everybody wants to grab the spotlight!

Create a dynamicFRAMES® display, snap and print some digital photos, and pop them in place. It doesn’t get any easier than that!


Baseball, Football and Soccer...Oh My!

Every Sport, Every Year...What’s a parent to do with all those photos?

Every athletic season comes with professional photos, right? Do what I did: Start a sports collection using Dynamic Duo dynamicFRAMES® for each of your athletes. I figure if each child plays three sports a year, one frame ought to hold each of 'em for the next twelve years. Think of the wall space you'll save! And if one of the kids becomes a pro, you'll have a frame full of "I knew them when" shots!

We Love Family Portraits

and all of our relatives do too!

One family created a Living Wall Gallery full of 8x10 Dynamic Duo dynamicFRAMES®. They said that every other year, the aunts and uncles sent a family portrait. With 7 different sets of aunts and uncles, they had a lot of photos to manage! They dedicated one frame for each relative's family, and each frame is like it's own little memory-box. Family is great, and they found a way to see them all the time, no matter how far away they were!

You’re Kidding...

You Can Buy a 12x18 Photo Print for How Much?

Seriously, if you have a Costco membership you can get a 12x18 or 12x12 photo printed for an insanely low price. You can upload the photo from your home computer, choose different finish options, and pick it up in a few hours. Remember this the next time you need a special gift in a pinch!

We used the Li'l Davinci® 12x18 for the big gallery look. You'd be proud to hang this gorgeous photo in any room of the house. With a storage capacity of up to photos, I think this could be habit-forming.

School Classmates

Do you remember little Johnny in kindergarten?

Well, no, not really.

But it’s a good thing we used the dynamicFRAMES® Dynamic Duo 8x10 to display the class photo every year. With storage for up to 50 photos, it can easily handle all of his classmates from pre-school through high school graduation. As a special bonus, when your child graduates, you can give them the frame with the entire collection.

Have some Fun at the Park...and create a sequence collage.

It was just me, my boy and his favorite toys. Armed with my iPhone camera, we headed to the park. It was a blast playing together and I managed to take a lot of candid shots. When we got home, I saw that I got particularly lucky on a few of the photos. What a treasure-trove of special memories I was able to print on my home printer! I loaded them into my dynamicFRAMES® Print-n-Frame that same afternoon! It was great to share the fun we had with the rest of the family. I think next week we’ll bring the soccer ball and do it again!


Decorate for the Season

Lil Davinci® Art Cabinets bring the holidays into your home! Commission the kids to draw something special, and instantly frame it. Valentine love, Spring flowers, Father's/Mother's day sentiments, or Winter snowflakes: it's all from their widdle-bitty hands and hearts! No store-bought decoration or banner even comes close to tugging heartstrings like this does!


Would that be a Picasso? Hmmm....Is it? Give your toddler a paint brush, your favorite color paints and a piece of paper. They might just surprise you with their artistic prowess! For certain, you'll be amazed at how the simplest of brush strokes take on a whole new professional look once they are instantly framed.

Geo-Mag® Art?

Who woulda thunk it? Use one of our magnet boards inside a Lil Davinci Art® Cabinet and have your child create some inspiring three dimesional art. The Magnetic Board can easily be removed from the frame and positioned on the floor with your child and a pile of Geo-Mags®. It is amazing what they’ll create! When they’re done, pop it in the frame and watch them smile from ear to ear.

Odd-Sized Kids Art

Not everything the kids make is going to be a perfect square. Kid’s crafts and projects can come in all sizes, and they are always so precious! You can use our Magnetic Board and included magnets to give these crafty treasures a special showplace of their own.

Mag Boards Can Stand on Their Own!

Mag Boards for My Art Gallery! That’s what Paola thought and now any size art is just ready to be proudly displayed in her kitchen for every holiday of the year!

Accentuate and Punctuate!

Free Standing Art Combined with a Gallery really Adds Flair

Great ideas just keep rolling in from Paola! She purchased a 4 pc Li’l Davinci® Art Gallery for her playroom. The frames give it the feel of an art museum while the free standing art really adds some extra flair!

Thomas Loves to Draw!

Mom & Dad love to watch Thomas’s talent grow. Sissy loves the bright colors. Grandma loves seeing the new artwork every time she comes to visit. Everyone loves the artwork framed in Thomas's Li’l Davinci®!


Be the Team Photographer

Use your Digital Camera & volunteer to be the team photographer. Take thousands of shots and capture the action of all the kids. Keep the great shots and toss the rest. You'll be amazed at how great the photos come out and how many smiles your bring to the entire team.