What is the average time a package takes to ship?


How do we email you?

info@dynamicframes.com and include your phone number for us to reach you! Our email responses often get caught by spam filters, so check your spam folders and allow our domain into your email system. 


 From where do you ship?

Orders are shipped from our warehouses near Los Angeles.


Where do I send returns?

Please email us first so we can put the return in our system: info@dynamicframes.com. The return address is: Dynamic Frames, 17145 Margay Ave, Carson, CA 90746


Where do I send POs?

Email POs to sales@dynamicframes.com


Where do I send Checks, Invoices or other snail-mail?

Dynamic Frames, PO Box 291, Torrance, CA 90507


My order arrived damaged. What do I do?

Please send a photo of the damages to sales@dynamicframes.com. This helps us determine the fastest way to resolve the issue.

Be sure to include the frame model, your address and phone number. Phone number is needed because sometimes our emails get caught by your spam filters. We follow-up with a phone call if we don't hear back from you (please check your spam folders and allow us as a sender).


Do I throw out the foam-backed cardboard piece in the rear-frame “pocket?”

NO! The frame will not work without it, so don’t confuse it for packing material. To operate our frames, place the first artwork or photo against this foam-backed cardboard, push back to secure the corners of the art or photo under the plastic frame corners, and let go. When you’re ready for the next masterpiece, keep the first one where it is, place the new display-piece on top of the last one, push against the foam-backed cardboard, and release. Repeat until your frame can’t hold anymore! You can see a quick video HERE.


Where is the Table stand, and how do I use it?
Please watch THIS VIDEO


How do I hang the frames using the EZ Clip Hardware?
Please watch THIS VIDEO


I lost my hanging instructions. Can you help?

Yes. You can create your own template by tracing the back of the frame and marking the center of the hanging slots or brackets. Please watch THIS VIDEO. If it does not answer your question, please email info@dynamicframes.com and specify the frame model.


Can I buy replacements for things I broke or accidentally threw away?

Available spare parts can be found HERE. If you don't find what you need, please email sales@dynamicframes.com Include the style information and photos of the BACK of the frames so we can determine the appropriate hardware required.


Can I frame smaller artwork, prints, or photos than those intended for the frame just by changing the mat? (Answer below is also a solution for odd-sized or 3D artwork like macaroni or paper-plate art.)

The short answer is YES, if you first mount the smaller item onto the correct paper size intended for the frame. You can't simply change the mat because the art won't be held in place securely.

Purchase any paper that is appropriate to fit the frame - including colored or textured paper - onto which you will mount the smaller or odd-shaped artwork. You can center or offset the artwork. The corners of the mounting paper will be held in place inside the frame by the corners of the appropriate paper, and the artwork will remain straight.

Watch these quick and cute videos to understand why holding the artwork or photos under the corners is so important to the way our frame works:

Photos: https://youtu.be/tJJaM5UJNAg

Children's art: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmSILr2WJGo


Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

Our warehouses ship to all 50 United States. Please enter City, State and Zip Code to see shipping costs and options.


What if I have an APO address?

If you are a US military customer and have an APO address, just provide your address to us correctly and your shipping options will show up! Email us if you have any issues.


Do you ship to Canada?

Yes! We unfortunately do not have distributors in Canada, so the shipping can be expensive. Email info@dynamicframes.com with specific questions, your shipping address and what you'd like to purchase, and we can send you a shipping quote.

If ordering from our USA website, Canadian customers must choose from choices that are NOT for the Contiguous USA from the pull-down options as you fill out our billing and shipping information. On the shipping page, choose CANADA as your shipping option (this is the same page that you type in your credit card information). All orders to Canada will be shipped via USPS.

How much does it cost to ship to Canada?

Shipping to Canada is based on the items purchased. Costs will be displayed in U.S. dollars. Canada GST rules will apply, so be aware that you might owe GST. If you live near the border and can pick up from a USA address, you'll pay a LOT less in shipping!


You don't have all the color choices on your website. Why not?

If we are "out of stock" in any of the colors, the choice will not be available for purchase. If the item is in Clearance, only the available colors shown, and the product will be discontinued when the inventory is depleted. If the item is not a Clearance item, the color will be re-stocked. You can always email info@dynamicframes.com with questions regarding inventory status.


I can’t remember if I ordered Cherry or Rosewood last time. How can I tell?

The Rosewood is our only beveled frame. The cherry does not have a bevel, so if your frame has a “3D” bevel, then it’s Rosewood!

I have a question that you haven't answered. How do I reach you?

Send emails to info@dynamicframes.com We will answer you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. Include best phone number because our responses are sometimes caught by spam filters even if we are replying to your email, so please check your spam folders and allow dynamicframes.com as a sender!