Living Walls


Be inspired! Become an art curator of sorts, and turn your favorite room into a rotating gallery of favorite photos and meaningful artwork. Best of all: you have a place to display and store the latest candid shots, and your guests get to see something new each time they visit!


Although you will take plenty of candid photos, take your child to a professional photographer on a regular basis.  If you used a single 8x10 dynamicFRAMES® and added one picture every four months, it would take 8 years to fill. 


When designing your Living Wall Gallery consider adding your favorite traditional frames.  It will add interest to your arrangement.

This works especilly well if you are looking for an artistic appearance.


Combine art with photos faster than you can say "I was thinking that someday I was going to get Timmy's new artwork framed and up on the wall."


We change our wall to everything baseball during the season.

It was not that long ago that Christopher's passion was art, Now that he's a teenager music, surfing and photography have taken over.